Seco/Warwick: Delivery of a bright annealing furnace for carbon steel tubes

19.05.2015 | Order from Anand Seamless Tubes Pvt. Ltd., India

Seco/Warwick Allied Pvt. Ltd. commissions a 200 kg/h electrically heated conveyor type bright annealing furnace for carbon steel tubes at M/s. Anand Seamless Tubes Pvt. Ltd at Kadi, Dist. Mahesana, Gujarat in India. The furnace is electrically heated wire mesh conveyor type and has been custom designed for bright annealing of carbon steel tubes with the following dimensions:
  • Outer diameter: 6 to 38 mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.9 to 4 mm
  • Length: 6 m

The furnace system comprises charging table, entry vestibule, heating section, cooling section, exit vestibule. The furnace has been designed according to tube size with reference to outer diameter and length of tube.

Tubes are passed through furnace (muffle type) on wire mesh conveyor belt. Speed of conveyor belt is variable, which is adjusted or set with respect to size of tubes. Heating is indirect by coil type heaters placed on top and bottom of horizontal suspend muffle.

Inert atmosphere (N2) and Reducing type atmosphere (CrNH3 – 25 % Nitrogen and 75 % Hydrogen) is used for the process. Flow of gas is controlled through the flow meters fixed on the gas panel with back-up of safety features for power failure , low pressure of gas etc.

Source: Seco/Warwick S.A.