hp 02/2015

Exit zone of a press hardening furnace
(Source: Aichelin Ges.m.b.H., licensed by BSN Thermprozesstechnik)

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hp 01/2015

Charging of a 170 t converter with crude iron

(Source: SMS group)

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hp 04/2014

Heat treatment plant for solution annealing
(Source: Eisenmann SE)


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hp 03/2014

Multi-frequency hardening in action

(Source: EFD Induction GmbH)


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hp 02/2014

Heated Transfer Table

(Source: Danieli Centro Combustion S.p.A.)

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hp 01/2014

Seven-stand four-high finishing line in a

hot strip mill

(source: ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe)

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hp 04/2013

Rotary hearth furnace with regenerative heating!

(Source: Andritz Maerz GmbH)

hp 03/2013

Heat treatment of superlatives!

(Source: MIOBA GmbH)

hp 02/2013

A slab of thickness 250 mm heated up uniformly

(Source: SMS Siemag AG)

hp 01/2013

Suspector in action

(Source: Hüttinger Elektronik GmbH + Co KG)

hp 04/2012

Gas carburising furnace in action

(Source: AWT e.V.)

hp 03/2012

Innovative induction solutions in a steel mill

(Source: SMS Elotherm GmbH)

hp 02/2012

Heat Processing in coil annealing furnaces

(Source: Otto Junker GmbH, by Susanne Dobler)

hp 01/2012

Induction hardening of crankshafts

(Source: SMS Elotherm GmbH)

hp 04/2011

Heat Processing in action!

(Source: IWT Bremen / IBW Dr. Irretier)

hp 03/2011

Inductive "Black annealing"

(Source: SMS Elotherm GmbH / Sosta GmbH & Co. KG)