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hp 02/2015

New Safety Standards in ISO/TC 244 and CEN/TC 186


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hp 04/2014

CECOF General Assembly 2014

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hp 02/2014

RCF/ASW – Risk Management Option Assessment

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hp 04/2013

Flashback of CECOF General Assembly 2013

hp 02/2013

CEREXPRO research project successfully completed in April 2013

hp 04/2012

Flashback CECOF General Assembly 2012

hp 01/2013

ISO/TC 244 - Fourth plenary meeting

hp 03/2012

New convenor for ISO/TC 244/WG2

(Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems)

hp 02/2012

The British Industrial Furnace Constructors Association (BIFCA)

hp 01/2012

News from ISO/TC 244

(Industrial furnaces and associated processing equipment - Safety)

hp 04/2011

Flashback CECOF General Assembly 2011

hp 04/2010

Flashback General Assembly 2010

hp 01/2011

Intensive dialogue between CECOF and the EU Commission in the course of the EuP preparatory study for industrial and laboratory furnaces and ovens

hp 01/2010

CISMA - the French Industrial Furnace Manufacturers Committee

hp 02/2010

EuP preparatory study for industrial and laboratory furnaces and ovens started

hp 03/2009

ISO/TC 244

hp 04/2009

Flashback CECOF General Assembly 2009

hp 02/2009

The new machinery directive (2006/42/EC) and CEN/TC 186

hp 01/2009

Kickoff Meeting ISO/TC 244

hp 04/2008

Foundation of a new ISO/TC 244 on "Industrial Furnaces and Associated Thermal Processing Equipment"

hp 03/2008

Flashback of the 36th Delegates Assembly

hp 02/2008

Ecodesign directive and industrial furnaces / ovens

hp 01/2008

The European Coomittee of Industrial Furnaces and Heating Equipment Associations