ETOGAS delivers its first proprietary electrolyser

05.07.2015 | Power to Gas

The plant construction company ETOGAS GmbH from Stuttgart installed the modules of its electrolysis system at the construction site of the energy company RAG Rohöl- Aufsuchungs Aktiengesellschaft in the Austrian town of Unterpilsbach. The delivery of the 40-foot electrolysis container and the 20-foot transformer/rectifier container was perfectly on schedule and without a hitch. The containers, which weigh 18 and 12 tons respectively, were successfully placed in their destination with millimetre accuracy.

The 40-foot electrolysis container houses the electrolysis stack, which is optimised for use in the energy industry. The system, which was developed by ETOGAS itself, impresses users with its considerably higher performance, maximum degree of efficiency and extremely high dynamics combined with optimised investment costs. Its industrial process and control technology meets the standards stipulated for power plants. The turnkey electrolysis system, which has a rated electrical output of 600kW, will start production in the third quarter of this year. It will supply hydrogen for the flagship project “Underground Sun Storage”, which is managed by RAG. This project is the first to explore the option of storing wind and solar energy in a former natural gas reservoir.





Front wall of the ETOGAS Electrolysis Container