Issue 02/15

Construction works on the Blue Stream Pipeline

Source: Gazprom

Issue 01/15

Pipeline in a tunnel in the Swiss alps

(source: Transitgas AG)

Issue 03/14

The combined heat and power station Avedøre.

(source: Dong Energy A/S)

Issue 04/14

Ice forms at the drilling well in Novoy Urengoi, Siberia, Russia.

(source: Wintershall Holding GmbH)

Issue 02/14

Production started on new Gudrun platform

(source: Harald Pettersen/Statoil)

Issue 01/14

The Kårstø processing plant

(source: Gassco)

Issue 03/13

Interior view of a fuel cell

(source: DLR)

Issue 02/13

The Portovaya compressor system

(source:OAO Gazprom)

Issue 01/13

Entering the diving bell

(source: Nord Stream AG)

Issue 03/12

Hot ShotThe Aker Barents drilling rig

(source:Harald Pettersen, Statoil)

Issue 01/12

Hot ShotAerial survey of gas pipes with microdones

(source:Sascha Erdmann, AEON)

Issue 02/12

Hot ShotNatural gas liquefaction project