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Inductive Melting and Holding

Fundamentals | Plants and Furnaces | Process Engineering

Autor: Erwin Dötsch
2. Auflage 2013,
322 Seiten, Gebunden,
DIN A5, Neuauflage in Planung,

75,00 EUR

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ISBN: 9783802723865
Bestellnummer: 23865

The  standard work for engineers, technicians and other practitioners working in melting shops and foundries appeared in a second, completely revised edition. This new version of the title on inductive melting and temperature maintenance originally published in 2009 is the result of the great demand generated at that time, and includes coverage of the plant- and process-engineering advances achieved during the intervening four years. These relate, in particular, to the use of the induction furnace in electric-steel production, a field in which this environmentally and mains-friendly melting system has evolved into a genuine and advantageous alternative to the electric arc furnace. Characteristic of this is the recent increase in inverter supply power from its maximum of 18 MW at the time of publication of the first edition of the book to its present 42 MW to permit supply of 65 t crucible furnaces.


1. Introduction

2. Fundamentals

3. Components of a crucible furnace plant

4. Components of channel furnaces

5. Electromagnetic stirrers and pumps

6. Furnace design and energy requirements

7. Melting metallurgy of iron and non-iron materials

8. Operation of induction plants in iron foundries

9. Melting cast steel in induction crucible furnaces

10. Induction crucible furnaces in mini steel works

11. Induction systems in the aluminium industry

12. Induction plants for copper materials

13. Induction plant for melting zinc

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